$3.1 Million Oceanfront Home In Virginia Beach, Virginia

This oceanfront home is located at 2300 Sandfiddler Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Luxurious Apartment In Paris, France

This luxurious apartment is located on the 2nd floor of a luxury building in Paris, France.

Newly Built Contemporary Style Mansion In Atherton, California (FLOOR PLANS)

This newly built Contemporary style mansion is located at 369 Fletcher Drive in Atherton, California and is situated on an acre of land.

12,000 Square Foot Colonial Style Mansion In Weston, Connecticut

This Colonial style mansion is located at 61 Singing Oaks Drive in Weston, Connecticut and is situated on 2 acres of land.

$3.95 Million Brick Mansion In Glen Head, New York

This brick mansion is located at 5 White Gate Drive in Glen Head, New York and is situated on 3 acres of land.